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Hashtag Strategy For Growth

Hashtags are not a waste of time, unless you are not trying to grow your Instagram followers. Hashtags are also like keywords on Instagram, and can help people find your post. Don't underestimate them.

  1. Save your hashtags in your Notes app, so you can quickly copy and paste them. Or just go to your Clipboard and grab them.

  2. Use 30 hashtags if you want to grow your account on Instagram.

  3. Choose relevant hashtags that are keywords.

  4. Choose some keywords that refer to your target audience i.e. "entrepreneurs" "momsofinstagram"

  5. Choose some keywords your competitors or influencers are using.

  6. Start a brand or company hashtag.

  7. Hide your 8 hashtags in your Stories behind a sticker or using the color dropper to change them the color of the background.

  8. Use 5 dots to hide your hashtags in your caption or add them in your first comment instead.

  9. Analyze which hashtags are preforming the best

How To Find Relevant Hashtags

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