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5 Reasons To Post On Pinterest | Digital Marketing Tips

As part of your social media strategy, you should take advantage of several platforms to expand your reach and repurpose your valuable content. Pinterest is basically a search engine and has a long shelf-life compared to other platforms, so take advantage of it to reach your online business goals.

5 Reasons To Use Pinterest

  1. It's easy to repurpose your visual social media posts.

  2. Drive more traffic to your social media accounts or a webpage.

  3. Expand your reach to your target audience.

  4. Use the new Stories feature to add videos to Pinterest.

  5. Pinterest posts have a shelf-life of an average of 4 months! One of the longest shelf-life out of the social media platforms.

How To Get Started On Pinterest

Create An Account

Firstly, create a Business Account on Pinterest to take advantage of the analytic features and other posting features.

Make sure you claim your accounts, which means you link your Pinterest to your existing platforms and URLs like your website, YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, or Shopify. That means Pinterest knows your URLs are verified and not spam.

Ensure your Profile Name is searchable and includes keywords. i.e. ZuziCreative | Digital Marketing Tips & Tutorials | Digital Art

How To Post on Pinterest

  1. Go to "Create" a Pin.

  2. Upload your image or video.

  3. Choose or create a new board specific to one topic, like "Marketing". Try to make your sections as "niche" as possible and only related to one subject.

  4. Add A Title. This is an important field. Think of Pinterest as a search engine and use relevant keywords related to your topic. You should do some keyword research to find out what your top keywords are first. You can use a tool like Ubersuggest by Neil Patel (I recommend it). Then enter your keywords in the Title field i.e. Email Marketing Tips | Digital Marketing | Small Businesses

  5. Your description should contain your keywords and provide a fuller description with a Call To Action if you have one. Try not to be "salesy" on Pinterest however.

  6. Add your verified URL in the Website field. If you are uploading more pins a day, try to vary the URLs so that Pinterest doesn't block your account as spam.

  7. Alt-text is where you would add a brief description of the image - it's a good spot to also include a keyword or two.

  8. And you're done!

Finally, make sure you are checking your analytics weekly to see which pins performed the best and revise your content accordingly. To effectively use Pinterest to drive traffic to a blog or website to generate sales, you should be creating 5-15 pins per day.

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