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Get A Website Audit Report

No traffic? 

Low engagement?

No conversions?

Is your website not getting the traffic, engagement or conversions you want?

You may have some common technical SEO issues or content problems on your website that you are not aware of. Because of the ever-changing Google algorithm, a website audit is recommended regularly in order to ensure the performance of your website.

Find out why you are having these problems quickly and easily by doing a Basic Website Audit. 

A website audit identifies issues based on SEO Impact:

High - Critical issues that must be fixed. They have the greatest effect on traffic and rankings.

Medium - Issues that affect traffic and rankings, but are not putting a website in critical SEO danger.

Low - Recommended fixes based on best practices. They have the least effect on traffic and rankings.

You will receive a complete report containing the following:

All High, Medium and Low issues including;

  • All On-Page SEO Issues

    • Title Tags​

    • Meta Descriptions

    • H1 tags

    • Content

    • Images

    • Keywords

    • Readability

    • Backlinks

  • Technical SEO

    • Mobile-Friendly​

    • Page Load Speed

    • HTTPS

    • Crawl Errors

    • Duplicate Content

    • Broken Links

    • URL Structure

    • Orphaned Pages

    • Tags

Your report will be emailed to you in 7 days. Find out why you're not achieving the business goals you want.

Please note that your results are recommendations that you can choose to make implement under your discretion, however, I strongly advise that you contact your webmaster, or a professional, experienced Digital Market or SEO expert to make these changes.

Zuzi Creative accepts no responsibility for any changes made that may affect the performance of your website based on these results.

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